Privacy Policy

Safe-Guarding your private info is our utmost priority. We enjoy utmost trust from our clients like you since the inception of NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM, and we consider it our duty to protect your personal information on serious notes. We need you to take a look how your private information is safeguarded and utilized by us.

Instant overview sheds light upon our core goals and concerns regarding your private information and data, and the methods we adopt to acquire and process your information, a brief description of how we safeguard your private information. It is advised that the whole privacy policy must be read to get a complete overview of our policy and conduct.

We collect Non-public personally identifiable information ("Information"). It is the kind of information which identifies and distinct you from others. General public does not have any knowledge about such information. Below are the segments which shed light upon the method of data collection we adopt and the way we process it.

Information we may require from you throughout the process may be as follows: If our client provides us their e-mail address, may use it on different occasions to inform the client regarding numerous matters like, latest promotions, updated services, or may use it to provide details about the transactions. If our clients choose not to be e-mailed for matters not related to the policy, are at liberty to unsubscribe the e-mails, by simply adopting the directions at the end of any email you receive from

NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM may require the clients to provide details of their transactions and involvements with NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM and others as well, like payment history, claims, and coverage etc.

NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM may collect various kinds of information about you through different means like consumer reporting agencies etc., such agencies deliver us with motor vehicle reports, claim reports, and/or credit information if legally allowed. If the client asks about a rate quotation, NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM may acquire credit information if legally allowed.

Our sales and service staff does not have any access to the particulars of your credit information. Companies that view your credit report shall not be able to see the Only you shall be able to see that. Our inquiries shall not have any impact upon your credit score or credit rating. If you agree to purchase a policy with, we shall also confirm your motor vehicle record and claims history, as per law, NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM may also look into your motor vehicle record, claims history, and/or credit information in connection with any renewal.


Disclosure of information regarding our present and past clients is made in accordance with law. All your information collected by us is kept in your policy or claims records.

Collected information is used with your consent or under your direction, to deal with procedural matters of your policy, settlement of claims etc. NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM may sometime make disclosure of your private information to certain persons or entities if required to conduct the transaction allowed or demanded by the client. We keep the private information of our past clients and of those individuals who approach us for estimation, safe and confidential same as we keep our present policy holder or clients information.

Below are a few illustrations of disclosure of information made by us:

It is essential that your private information must be disclosed by us to our agents, investigators, appraisers, attorneys, and other officials whose involvement is mandatory in proper dispensation of all the matters related to your application, policy related matters or claims etc. made by you.

There might arise a situation that NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM might share your private information with certain people or entities that are associated with NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM to conduct various tasks related to NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM.

They include persons or entities that aid NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM in administrative tasks. If its legal in the state you reside in, NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM could share your information with financial institutions which are in a joint marketing agreement with NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM. Rest of these entities are bound to keep this information secret and only use it for the purpose for which it was provided to them.

Your private information could be given to auditing firms etc. In such particular scenario, no disclosure of your identity shall be made in the audit or research report. Entity conducting such audit or research shall be bound not to re-disclose the information, such information shall be given back to us or confiscated, if it is no longer needed.

NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM could also share your private information for certain other allowed objects, which are:


NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM ensures that your Information is only limited to those company officials who are appointed to tackle your matter. Our workers are trained by experts to ensure fool proof security of your data, moreover NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM requires our employs to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Serious steps are taken by NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM to maintain the fool proof security of your data, nonstop monitoring is done by our teams to ensure your data is not used without authorization.

ESSENTIALS OF OUR WEBSITE VISITORS is always looking to improve. We are always concerned about how visitors feel when they use our website, what is user friendly and what is not, their likes and dislikes etc. are always on the mind of our web developers. Our team might collect facts on how our web users use our website, so we can design and update our website a stress free website to conduct the business. These facts and figures are collected by different means like, what kind of web browser is being used by the user etc. We could use this data to propose you different offers and services keeping in view all those factors.

Our website uses cookies to make your usage better when you are using our website. Cookies are minor files, these are stored on your computer. These are very beneficial files they improve and personalize the next visit you make on our website. Almost every browser pops an option on your window about cookies whether you want to keep them or not. But it is essential for you to use as some features on our website work only with cookies allowed like remembering the ID feature that lets users ease of not typing their ID "remember me" function for policyholders that lets you store your User ID so you don't have to input it every time you log in from the same computer. might have some chunks of shortcuts in form of embedded objects to keep a record of customer referred by our advertising partners to NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM could utilize this record to keep a check on how many clients really acquire a rate quotation. We could also use these shortcuts embedded on other websites to keep a record of our online advertisement and offers. These shortcuts in the form of embedded objects do not collect any personal data about you. A client can choose not to be a part of our advertising cookies used for interest-based ads, by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance's.

also offer some links to third-party websites that are not owned by NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM and we have no control over their privacy policies hence we take no responsibility if you use those websites. We suggest that you should always pay attention to the privacy policy of every website before providing any personally identifiable information.


Under the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"), California residents have the following rights: (1) the right to know, which is the right to request that NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM disclose what personal information we collect, use, and may disclose about them; (2) the right to delete, which is the right to request that we delete personal information that is collected or maintained by NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM; and (3) the right to non-discrimination, which is the right to be free from any discrimination for exercising any consumer rights under the CCPA. We may limit our responses to any requests under the CCPA as permitted by law.

To use your aforementioned rights, right to know and right to delete under the CCPA, you can contact us on our toll free number, we shall first verify your identity, and for verification purpose some personal identification information is collected and sent to the verification system, we may ask you some questions via online portal or through an official and then confirm your identity.

Policy Holder can also entitle another natural person or body registered with the California Secretary of State, to be his agent to exercise his rights under the CCPA, on his behalf. Agent must hold a written permission from you to use this power delegated to him. But if an agent has a power of attorney under his name as per California Probate Code, in this case no written permission is needed. Verification process shall still apply to verify your identity even if the instant right is being exercised by an agent. Rest of the agents are bound to submit evidence to that they are authorized agents of such and such client and are legally empowered to move on their behalf.


For questions and queries related to our privacy policy and practices please feel free to contact us by emailing us at or call us at +1(214) 506-0160


We may amend our privacy policy from time to time. The latest version shall always be posted at NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM .When amendments are made, all the dates at the bottom of the Privacy Policy are revised by us.


If you have a question or query concerning privacy or security at NAISOLDIGITALSALLINSURANCESHOP.COM, we shall be pleased to hear about it from you by email.

Please contact us at

The Effective Date of the revised Privacy Policy is JUNE 30, 2023.